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By Petros spring

By Petros spring
Before moving
... A short description of the route. Two options are proposed upgrade to Petros: from the north of the village Yasinya, the road along the stream Lopushanka through a mountain valley and the tract Pechenizheska Stupa, on the west of the village Kvasy through a mountain valley Menchul past year the hospital Biological Faculty of the University of Lviv, an old Austrian road north slope Sheshul mountains (1689 m), through the pass and, finally, a gentle western slope of the Petros. Destination ascent - a railway station in the village Lazeshchyna. You can also go up in two ways: to the north-east of the nearest hut to Petros serpantinovoy way through priselok Kozmeschik where there is a tourist haven and PPC Carpathian National Natural Park, just north of the said huts along the forest road, which goes into Lazeshchyna a half mile from the railway station . The approximate length of 50 kilometers of the route, duration - three days. Stop at night can be in the huts.
Going to the campaign, please contact the rescue posts. Yasinyansky PRA is based in the heart of the village, near the junction of highways, indoor camping "Edelweiss", telephone (03132) 4-23-23, commander of the post Stepan Robchuk, cell phone (067) 79-57-444; Goverlyansky RPA (Lazeshchyna) located at the checkpoint of the National Park, the commander Dmitry Klimpush, cell phone (067) 94-71-492.
For protectors Yushchenkova jeep
If you arrived Kvassing attraction, then from the train station to go on the highway about pivkilometra to the north in the direction of Yassin, to the side of the road that leads to the left bridge Tisza. Returns to the east, pass under the track. Immediately after this path in an easterly direction abruptly picks up ...
Come out to the limit of the forest, where there are beech and fir. It is well equipped with a parking space with tents. But, if time permits, the best to rise much more gentle slope to a mountain valley Menchul. First, well-worn path leads woods, farther - an open area. Overcoming four miles, exit at Menchul. The point of the road - steady Biology Department of Lviv University, around - many huts ...
By Pass and beyond, by Petros, up to the foot of Hoverla, is laid in the days of the Austro-Ugorschini road. It is traverse to the north of the mountain Sheshul, but left the direction of motion was called Shumyaska mountain valley, which also are numerous huts and shed ...
Approximately two miles after the pass, before a sharp bend to the south, to get off the road in the direction of East-East-північ. The short rise - and you have already found themselves in some places overgrown juniper very gentle western slope of Petros. Below the top is not visible, the traveler simply rises and at some point discovers that her left a hundred yards ... From the pass to the top of the unhurried pace to go two o'clock ...
Passing puddles of timber
Потік Lopushanka empties into the river in the early Lazeshchyna Yasin, about a half mile to the village center (if you go by the Ivano-frankivsk). Here on the highway is a bridge, and if you get your bus, you can ask the driver to stop at the bridge (from the station in Yasini must go the route miles of four). Dear Lopushanka along ten years ago it was possible to drive a car to the south side of Petros up to the house lumberjacks. But as a result of frequent floods and massive cutting down forests at the moment at the top of this road may pass only povnoprividni trucks but also some Oisy with aces behind the wheel. Hence, a good eight kilometers travelers will have to go on foot, skirting the puddles issharkannye timber lorries. First past the mansions, and then between the steep slope on the left and the flow of matter, which sometimes floods the road. Overcoming five kilometers, you met a dilapidated wooden structure, and finally reach the bridge, beside which stands the house of lumberjacks. From the powerful techniques around is sheer mess of clay and sawdust.
Then follows a move strictly to the north to the mountain valley Pechenizheska. Landmark correct path - young stands on the left. Here the rise is steeper. You will certainly notice a huge, two loops, spruce, which grow in this part of the forest. On a mountain valley a few huts with shed. It is here to spend the night on guard.
... After Pechenizheski begins the most difficult part of recovery, almost two miles to the tract Stupa to climb to 500 meters. Overcoming the rise, go to the north-western slope of Petros and move up the spine. To the top of no more than half an hour gait.
Rapidly downward
Descent of Petros in an easterly direction, towards Goverli - not the most pleasant viprava. The only path leads down fast, deep and narrow rivchakom. Natural "step" from stone to stone, sometimes reaching a meter. In rainy weather the path is too slippery, descent to level ground will take about forty minutes. On the other hand, had gone down a kilometer to the north east, stumble on the first hut and buildings for the cattle that lie on both sides of the road. If you intend to mount in the direction Kozmeschika, then the second night you can arrange here, near one of the sources of the flow Lazeshchyna.
The road right through the tract of Dams serpentine rises to the tract hollow. It stretches past Malinnikov, and if under your feet dry, you can safely cut corners. In the end, passing from an hour, you will go to the bridge, near which stands a lonely hut. After another two kilometers appear first residential building, one of which is equipped shop. Go around the corner - Travel asylum. From the railway station along the straight road along the river - twelve miles. Most of this road still passes the territory of the National Natural Park. You happen several sources of natural mineral water, both alkaline and with a high content of hydrogen sulphide. Fans of smell stuhlih eggs are unlikely to find many, but from some gastric diseases such liquid is pomichna. At the beginning Lazeshchyna is PPC. We recommend you to report here the successful completion of the campaign. By the station will take an hour. Afternoon attraction Rakhiv - Ivano-Frankovsk departs from Lazeshchyna at 15.30 ...
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