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From light to light

From light to light
For the criterion of "non-pop" creative team of the journal "Karpaty" (with cave explorers) chose to travel small, but in his own interest above the cave of the Dniester to Ivano-Frankivsk side. By Weather Underground ekstrimu added his - March this year probably will long be remembered for many Carpathian tourists, and not only them. But what bad weather may prevent interesting way to spend the weekend?
Above Dniester
We were nineteen. This team has long dreamed of finally come together and together polaziti caves. Cave explorers from Ivano-Frankivsk, Ternopil, Kharkiv. And one on this occasion even raced from hot Africa. Been there and experienced, and those who had to go down into the ground first. Most - young guys, and with them one of the students and several are still strong, but not young men. One of the most active participants of the tour on a high optimistic note immediately warned that not all return home, and it only added a team mood.
Pre-ordered "Bogdan" one and a half hours drove us to the hamlet thought, which is located two kilometers from the village Odaiv in Ivano-frankivsk. Next - twenty minutes on foot to the side of the Dniester River tract Dumchina Valley. ... To get the high bank of the Dniester River - where there are objects that we are interested in - to descend into the valley and climb the low hump. If hard to put his foot on the slope, the earth responds dull emptiness - the undiscovered underground cavities in the area for many ...
Glanced Grotto Monk - "room" with walls painted with tourists, where once, long ago lived unsociable. Probably in the summer here opens up a very nice view of the Dniester, and you can meditate for hours, but the spring is not so cozy. Next to the grotto, right on the slope of a cave in which lived combatant UPA. According to tradition, a special squad of the NKVD guerrillas threw grenades from the top, swinging "pineapples" on a string, because otherwise they get into the crack was impossible.
Below are a sort of pagan temples, similar to the carved in the rock face - wide open mouth and big empty eyes ...
At spacing
... Dress overalls, helmets, hats, lamps (cave explorers called their headlights). Our goal - the cave is vertical. Another group meets in the home. The names of the caves are rather relative - is not that the vertical one, and not so comfortable in the second. To warm up visit Thought, which began around the camp. In this cave you can just walk (approximately 100 meters almost horizontal stroke). On the walls, we see several Kozhanov that hibernate. Take pictures of their very carefully. If the skin on their sensors to feel warm and awake, you may die, because until this spring, still far.
Потім - again through the valley on the slope of the Dniester canyon. Tie to a large tree, insurance, and turns down into the vertical cave. It has two exits and a few hundred meters of various manhole: small rooms, narrow, horizontal slit, vertical cliffs. Because in our group are beginners and there is no necessary equipment, we pass only the "small circle".
First down experienced Andrei Fedorov. We go left, right, bend, crawl. Laz is so narrow that so little adult male you sometimes have to exhale, so prolizti further. There is a strange feeling, when not enough height to at least a little to tighten under her foot and push off, or when the "prevent" their own shoulders. Incidentally, in this cave is a hole, aptly called "the progress of the Chinese Communist Party" - at one site, he turns sharply to the left. So that they pushed, you need to crawl only on the right side, because the more your back will not allow curved yoke.
There are several cavers unwritten rules. For example: "Do not shoved her chair to where the body is not prolize. Or: "If you stuck - do not put here, waited pohudeesh". In every joke there is some truth ...
After a narrow manhole suddenly discover that you are sitting on a stone, and beneath you - a half-meter gap between two vertical walls. Height - six meters. The walls are not that to be completely smooth and shiny, but put his foot or hand can not catch. Pass "on the spacing. It's simple: rest against the wall with his back or elbows, intercepted arms and legs and slide down like a worm ...
Under snow
Ввечері - a complete tourist set. Guitar, dinner, a variety of fables, and all of this and all this accompanied by the continuous snowfall. Almost everyone from time to time looking for something, because things immediately hid under the snow. Then the cavers long down for the night - preparing for the cold nights. ... In the morning some of the tents had to dig.
After breakfast the two teams swapped routes: Zatishna-vertical.
We can say that history has repeated itself in a cozy: a narrow hole ended not very high cliff, after which the team found itself in the so-called Hall of Poltava Speleologists. Here, once found a skull and bones, which proved to be more than five thousand years. Left under performance is a large vertical crack. If a pebble thrown into it, then he had long bangs on the walls, as many had died down until somewhere deep below.
Bus to our hamlet idea did not get (through the snow road became impassable) - only to Odaeva, where we had to walk. But that cavers two kilometers of fresh snow? Back went merrily, and agreed that the next meeting will be held in a cave from the Ternopil "grands": Mills Lake, and perhaps in optimistic. A small "wells" on the Dniester, where we climbed this time - a favorite place of training members of Ivano-Frankivsk Speleoclub. He, incidentally, finally revived (it ceased to exist several years ago). There are young cavers, there are "veterans", who also still do enough, there is an interesting case, which has the full right to life.
P.S. And really, why they go underground, into the black pits and narrow the gap, going down farther and farther? Is it so interesting that one of the basic human instincts - self-preservation - giving way to a thirst for discovery? One of our cave explorers, told how he "leaked" a very small hole, suddenly fell into a huge room with several branches in different directions from the center. That was the feeling! He "ran" with new moves, singing some hitherto unknown to him, but obviously dumb song without words, and did not hear it through the slot in alarm calls teammate. "Because, to me there was no one there! I still could - crawled, got ... Returning? If you already dolezal here, then I can go. I'm not alone. And to the light to travel much more easily. "
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