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Cossacks in Brittany

Cossacks in Brittany
P'yatnadtsyat years because Lvov built a vessel modeled on the Cossack gulls. Since then, the "Protection of the Blessed" goes Ukrainian waters and seas, the oceans of the world. The crew took part in the festival sailboats, which took place in France. On this and remembers one of the crew Roman Ros.
Festival of ancient sailing ships in the French Brest happens every four years. Seagull invited for the third time, and our parishes (tides) on the three-day feast of incredible sea every time there were some stories that each of the Cossacks of the crew, when it comes to retirement age, will be able to tell granddaughters cold Ukrainian winter evenings.
... We were allocated a place in a commercial port near the Dutch fishing, which are roasted on vuglyah caught a fish here and treated it all passers-by. We are with them fired from guns in the middle of the night, gathered around him all the joy and the morning were evicted by police in a military port - a Ukrainian warship, because, having on board eight guns, do not let go to sleep half of the city.
On the second day of sea holiday wine flowed in rivers, in the middle of the street were roasting a pig on power stilts, sailors were on their hands ... Then I first moved to the Atlantic coast gull six hours in the south, and was the first sailor's delight - a disease of the earth. I bumped an hour on the bank, and the ship's doctor reassured that he should be, if the first time crossed the sea, and you do not znudilo. Beach rocked for another three hours, there was no appetite, while the festival organizers did not invite us to a dinner with an Irish crew. There I was offered treatment with rum - after two hundred grams of all swayed in harmony, and we have over the night, singing Celtic songs and Galicia, went on excursions to different sailboats and receiving guests at home. In the morning we were awakened by howling bagpipes. Ensemble volinkariv a hundred people carried Celtic military marches. Still, it is not our tool.
... Morning said good-bye, and seagulls went to the small town of Atlantic, which in translation from Breton called the "Stone of Mary, the place of Ivan.
Підказка for adventurers: To land to get to Brest, to obtain a Schengen visa to get to the train station in Uzhhorod, go on foot to the border (four hours slower rate), and then negotiate with any sleeper carriage on you to Slovak apples that are on their side For some reason, big as the presidency, and once they can When the wolf and take the road. Next - your avtostopske happiness. For most western French port of Brest - 3500 miles. There - the Atlantic, intermittent rain, Calvados, Celts, kekafars (food), Fes-holes (fun), winds, tides up to ten meters, and all the joy that can be found on the ocean.
From the Ukrainian border to Celtic Brest I rode stop for three days, with twenty bucks in your pocket.
... The experience of campaigns in the gull "Holy Protection" has shown that the ship is securely holds an ocean wave. In July of 2006 a new Cossack boat "saved" should come down from Kiev on the Dnieper, to travel to the Black Sea (with activities in Georgia, Turkey and Romania), and from September this year, a journey across the Atlantic to New York and Chicago. Initiator of the project "Cossack Atlantic - Ecotourism Development Fund" Origins "in partnership with the World" International Friends of Nature ".
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