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No boos rahmansky ringing

No boos rahmansky ringing
Ця publication displays one of the beautiful Carpathian legends, which was in the field of view of many researchers, academics. The legend explains why there are two hutsuls Easter egg and why they paint a sign of unfinished road.
"Bom-m, bom-m-m - do you hear? Hush, sir! "- Old Gucul finger to her lips, and ear - to the stone. The man closes his eyes, a few minutes lying motionless on the ground - listening to what is happening in the depths of the Carpathian. And then begins to sing some very familiar melody. "What is it?" - Ask. "Beeping chime rahmanski", - he said.
Two Easter
"For a very old custom, - begins the story of Michael Vandzhurak Verhovina - hutsuls twice celebrate Easter. First - The Resurrection of Christ. A twenty-five days after Easter - Easter Rahmansky. On this day in the mountains you can hear the music ringing - you just go to some of the peaks and to drop his ear to the ground. "
Обидва holidays, he explains to closely related to each other. On the day of Passover, after the family lunched svyachenym, the hostess (owner) takes the shell of the sanctified church Easter eggs and Easter eggs and let her go on the water - a stream or river. It is believed that for three and a half weeks she doplyvet to the Land Rakhmanov and notify them that it's Sunday. Then Rahmani and zabyut in all its rahmanski ringing.
"While shkaralupka swimming water, she again turns into an egg - add stories Sharma Michael Herr. - And those eggs Rahmani rozgovlyayutsya (stop post - redaktorshu).
Holy - is not sacred
Usually mountaineers consider to Rahmansky Easter, which comes fourth Wednesday to Sunday. Trying to this day is nothing difficult to do, not to cut and sew, do not dig. Some are high in the mountains to hear from the ground pozvenel. They say they hear it is not all. "For large sinners land Nimoy is" - puts the point in his story about the old Gutu. Something compels us also applying his ear to the stone.
To be fair to say that Rahmansky Easter - the sacred, which in the Carpathians gradually dying away his. Gutsuly this day really refrain from work, but for the most part formally inheriting the tradition - very few people can explain why this is done.
Happy are Rahmani
"The Legend of Rakhmanov, and they are known only in Ukraine, more than a thousand years" - writes ethnographer Oleksa Voropay In his book, "Traditions and customs of the Ukrainian people." The scientist believes that Rahmansky Easter is a remnant of pre-Christian traditions of Ukrainians. At the beginning of last century, this feast was quite widespread: his descriptions are collected in the Carpathians, on Podillya and Lviv, the Kiev area, and Poltava, Cherkassy region, and on Hersontse.
Translating recorded in different regions, different ways to explain who these Rahmani and where they live. Representations of the inhabitants of central regions of Ukraine, for Voropay, were: "Our world is divided into three parts: heaven, earth and the underground kingdom. Deep underground, like a paradise to live the blessed people Rahmani. They do not know the chronology. Therefore, people must inform them of the coming of the world's greatest festival of Passover, throwing into the river from the shell of Easter eggs - and floats to Rakhmanov.
In the Carpathians, told slightly differently. "Gutsuly povistuyut that Rahmani - it chertsi (monks - redaktorsha), just Rusnak, they are so great faith, as we do - recorded connoisseur gutsulsky traditions, by five-volume" Huzulschyna Vladimir Shukhevych. - They live far to the east of the monastery, where the lead devout lives. We thank them, because they redeem our sins, fasting the whole year, skoromnichayut only that Easter is divided into twelve one egg, which brings the water ... Rahmani - these things our blood (relatives), so the older people keep up to Easter Rahmanskogo strict fast.
Прародичі Ukrainians?
Based on ethnographic materials, the proponents of the theory ariiv treat Rakhmanov as our distant relatives. Now there are a few suggestions of who might have these mythical characters. For example, the Aryan diaspora in the Indus. Or public priestly caste, the Brahmins. Okremishnim whether the tribe who live in the most eastern states praukrainskih territories.
There are attempts to revive the celebration of Easter Rahmanskogo in a new incarnation. Neoyazichniki associate this holiday with the commemoration of the spiritual laws of the universe. A rite of throwing shkaralupi.z Easter eggs in the rivers that flow to the sea, consider the exchange of information with the spiritual forces ancestors.
Power tradition
Gutsuly, truth speaking, not too imbued with their interpretations of myths. For those who know enough and that Rahmansky Easter from grandparents great-grandparents celebrated as sacred distant relatives - the righteous and pious people, whose prayers and integrity throughout the ages kept Carpathian mountains. The magic of communicating with them is special painting Easter eggs - in the eggshell, which is thrown into the river, draw an infinity sign road.
One gutsulsky legend warns that the end of the world when they can not be painted a single Easter egg when the shell is not water will float when Rahmani not know about the festival and the Carpathians do not hear the underground ring. Therefore mountaineers each year write eggs and celebrating the second Easter.
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