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Legends in stone

Legends in stone
Yea for Kosivschini interesting object for hiking - rock Pisany Stone. Traveling to him from Ivano-Frankivsk and back will take a day. Hiking requires no special training and equipment. A one-day outings participants may be adults and do. The journal offers a detailed description of the route.
There are several reasons to choose among many other spring travel is that - at Pisany Stone. For travel required only one day. The route is available for children as well as for tourists in old age. The road is mostly populated place is expressive orientations, so the danger of stray - miserable. During a hike overlooking the Carpathian Mountains are very different: in the soft wave-Pokutsko буковинські spine on strimchaki Montenegro, on the dome and Chivchinskih Grinyavskih mountains.
A worthy goal journey - an unusual rock, mysterious place.
The fact that going? Come with a minimum load. Remembering the Carpathian capricious weather, and too in the spring, take the change of shoes, raincoats, hats. It will be appropriate perekuska, a thermos of coffee. Special equipment is not necessary. Pisany stone - a very simple rock, say mountaineers. To scratch on it, enough to be minimally trained and well shod. In his pocket at all about all need to have 50 hryvnia (calculated on the nose).
From start to goal
The starting point hike - Bukovetsky pass. Going from Ivano-Frankivsk, at eight o'clock in the morning the first bus in Ivano-Frankivsk - Verkhovyna "by Kosel. Get ready for a four-avtoputeshestviyu a half-hour stops at stake and Kosovo (in a good society, time flies). After Kosovo's road completely broken ...
Exit at the stop in the village Bukivets. Landmark - a large table with the name of the village on a hill above it - tserkovtsya a noticeable entrance, made in the form of the verandah on a high ladder. Pass road to a dirt road. It leads to the left of the highway. Pisany Stone - there. Over four miles from us, it is - an hour sprightly step.
... We went out on the fork: the road is divided into two parts. One turns sharply right and goes up rapidly. Another that has left almost no change height. You can go and one and another. But for those who are here for the first time, the best to take the right. The road to the left side - more than a mile long, almost no protected forest (you can burn your face to the sun), goes through priselok Cheretiv. Stone to written it displays the bottom and a little spoils the overall impression.
We turn right to exit the spine to the mountain Kapilash (1165 meters). The road rests on the farmstead, but we did not yet risen. With the permission of the owners, we pass between the house and barn. We see ourselves slope for him, and already are on the spine (ridge that has no proper name, local residents told him "the spine to written stones").
Expressive trail is the backbone, traverses the summit Kapilasha and goes into the forest. Ascent and descent are so declivous that not knowing about the hill, past it possible to pass and not notice. We cross a small forest, and again find ourselves in open terrain. The path leads farther up the spine, once again plunged into the forest and the trees turn right. We are on the spot. Here it is - Pisany Stone.
Autographs and petroglyphs
W wood we go just to back the beast. To describe the panorama, which opens here, we had to reserve a few journal pages. But better to see than read. Suffice it to say that the review from left to right is: in the south-east - Bukovina Carpathian Mountains (the Kosovo mountains in the north east overshadow spruce), further south - Montenegro, south-west - Pasma Chivchina, to the west - Grinyava.
... Long before there began to leave their autographs Sergei from Kiev and Vasey from Lviv, the rock was carved mysterious signs - riznoramenni crosses, circles, ellipses, schematic figures of people. They are clearly seen in the slanting rays of the sun - at dawn, or when it sits. At any other time of day signs are lost between the standard modern inscriptions.
... What were trying to tell posterity the ancient inhabitants of the mountains - now known to anyone.
But you can learn what they wanted us to tell the classic of Ukrainian literature. Reading expressive "On Kobilyanska 1899, slightly higher, almost shabby" In Stefanik 1899. Somewhere nearby would have to be a signature of Osip Makovey ...
Another Way Home
... Decide to go back the other way to make it more interesting - by the mountain Maksimets (981 meters).
With cool the Scriptures we find the stone path that leads to the right and down. She we get to the house vivchara Jura ...
Sacred Tomb (legend)
Once upon a time, could then, as they went up pristine water, and the Carpathians had barely begun to grow from the ground there, I came out of the water giant - yasnovolosye blue-eyed giants. Rosli they allegedly with the mountains, the forces were recruited - and soon he became a kind of numerical and powerful.
One spring day played their leader on trembita - gathered all his brothers and told them it is important to call. They took after preparing for the distant wanderings: Shukaev ore, forged the weapons, ships were built. And set out to bend so far away and the country.
We walked giant seas and coasts: extracted kingdom and the most beautiful women, laid the States and wrote the laws of battle-axes on the rocks and cliffs. It was not his flat or in sechah on the battlefield or in the interviews, nor in love. Eventually, they began to rule everywhere. There have been rulers of the wise, fair. They built cities and roads, collecting treasures and knowledge. And although he started to speak different languages, the oldest edge your not forgotten. Did they secretly Verkhovini over a single king-oracle, which from the heaven-world voices heard, orders received and all the giants passed.
Once again in the spring to hear the distant call titans trembita. They left their palaces, and gathered in the Carpathians. Big winner of farewell to life and with his brothers. Before his death, bequeathed to them in battles Presidents do not hack, not to shed human blood. And keep the secret of its origin.
They brought the giants of the deceased king on the mountain, his tomb is a stone closer to the sky put (this Bryl, obviously, is Pisany stones). With axes cut down on her own charms. Guards to put it here elders. They went to rule the world.
They say that to this day somewhere in Montenegro sits in a deep cave gray дідо-veleten and deducted from the book Pravik that which was and what will happen next. Reads the seer, and waits for someone to open the course to a place to come to elect and changed its terms of work.
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