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Once oil is scooped up a bucket

Once oil is scooped up a bucket
Пропонуємо your attention an interview with People's Artist of Ukraine, came from Huzulschyna Bogdan Benyuk. Town Bitkov in Nadvirnyanskomu area, where we met with the actor, has a history closely
Town Bitkov located in the part of Carpathians, where the mountains are mildly low. Clive, tambourine, Giga, Del - here are a few humps top five hundred meters. "But this is a real Huzulschyna", - assures comes away People's Artist of Ukraine Bogdan Benyuk. Be'nyuk - with the accent on "e" say local. And their village called Bitkiv. This - Nadvirnyansky area. And the center of the oil field now believe it Nadworna. But it was not always what the actor said when we met in his native land.
- In early Bitkova oil scooped up a bucket. And it was here was a center of fishing. As someone in the garden pierced oil, land, bought the mining company, and the landlord had with that money. Small I have heard from older: "When someone here will be the wolves howl." I could not believe it. And now, it just happened because of this land vipompuvali virtually all of the oil. Paul had left the village to work abroad. In Portugal, we have branch Bitkova.
- Pan Bogdan, you sometimes come here to my parents?
- My parents were gone. My mother died a year ago, and Dad - even as I was a half years.
Remains an empty house?
- That is not a house. That three-story so-called "hut", a hostel, which was erected by the Austrians for oil field workers. Architecture, by the way, sort of, alpine. House can be considered landmark. That part of town where I was born, and called - Fishing. Until 1946 it was the Polish district. When the Poles were evicted - have raised local. But for the life of this place is not suitable at least through the strong fumes. Yes and barracks over centenarian. By the way, once they had hot water, gas. The area illuminated by gas lamps, and the paths were outlined Brook.
- Consequently, we worked there, the Polish oil company?
- In Bitkova development were not only Poles, but Frenchmen, Americans, Austrians. So even called areas of the village: "American barracks," the French barracks ... Foreign firms bring their expertise here. Local is, of course, should not be possible to obtain special education, worked in, say, at the same plant gazolinovomu chernorobochimi.
- Near your home is worth some rather beautiful building ...
- Here I went to kindergarten. Previously, it was the house of the Polish master flies. And dear to my house you had to see another well made three-storey building. So our club, which was quite dilapidated. It was built in 1923. In my childhood it was the best club in the area. He had a huge library of many thousands. This came on tour best artists of the USSR, I went to plug out Tarapunka and so on
- How did it happen that you and your brother Peter become artists?
- We are from malechku took part in amateur performances. At the age of eight I had already spoken to the district review in Nadvornaya. Along with his brothers sang songs from the movies, say, "Spring on Zarechnaya street." That I'm such a small plant "We have with you all ...». We even paid a subsistence allowance. But, of course, all the money took the elder brother (we just bought some small ship for 20 cents). Peter was already nineteen. He went "on the girls, he needed the money. But seriously, that I became an actor because of it. It was he who dared to go to Kiev to join the Theatre Institute. Although my mother did not want to. It is hoped that about her will help that Peter will earn will go to the underground repairers (was there such an organization). Mom said: "Where do you shove? Who would you go? That same money you pay. But my brother was troublesome. And ever since he came to the institute, I was not about anything else I ever dreamed, but to go the same route.
- You say that your town Hutsul. There still remain some purely gucul'ski tradition?
- These things need to look somewhere above in the mountains, away from civilization. And here it is almost dissolved. Although I still remember how Gutsul Woman chased cows on the mountain valleys, smoking pipes ... I remember that at weddings followed gucul'skoy tradition to drink one glass in a circle, saying: "I drink to you", and passing it on. This was a lot of sense. Because, firstly, because people are not drunk. It is now an hour later people were already in a state that few people understand that ... Secondly, until the glass went round the table, Hutsuls communicated, recounted to each other the latest news, sang. Since everyone - from the bride to the neighbors - I had to check the appropriate song. And only a very respectable reviews (somewhere so the level of the Party Secretary) was called in the barn, poured glass of, cut a slice of snacks ...
- What are they - and your bitkivchani?
- But people like people. That does tell the story. Once in the center of the village stood a beautiful wooden church (the Poles in the fishery had its own church). When Sovita, in 1971 it was burned.
- Specially?
- Well, well, they know who, and the man died because blatant death ... But people have collected money and for the three months to note for the three months built a new wooden church. And so that nobody could burn it, so-called zinc porozrivnyuvali vanenki (basins), and obbili bottom of the building is so tight, that could not prolizti match. In addition, the night lit up with spotlights and guarded the church - one yard at a time. It lasted until the independence of Ukraine. These are the people themselves.
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