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Kamenny ship, Kalynova boom and invisible estate

Kamenny ship, Kalynova boom and invisible estate
Yakscho you like to travel to castles, samples of medieval architecture, old churches and pompous old graveyards - this story will tell you where to go at this time. In Sidorov, in the Ternopil region.
Castle ship
Under the castle walls to walk a narrow stezhinoy, which meanders down from the chapel near the church. Here, above a small rivulet Sukhodil heaving gray castle, a ship of stone, sandstone. Bottom illusion more convincing: the triangular watchtower looms over the hill, as if carrying a huge ship.
Fortresses such an unusual shape in Ukraine there are no more - two long defensive walls converge at an acute angle. With a length of 178 meters of construction is only 30 meters across at its widest point. Previously, around the castle were ponds and Moczar. Artificially formed ponds to raise the defense of the citadel.
The very landscape prompted the Polish magnate Martyn Kalinovskaya (1605-1652 year), the dipole hetman and Chernigov voivod plan of the castle. It was built (around 1640) on the hill near the forest ...
Once the castle through the gate in the west tower of approaching riders and wagons. Above visa ban gates preserved carved in stone emblems magnate genera Kalinouski and the Tarnowskie "Kalynova" and "Rola". But the most interesting "decoration" of the tower - rather large stone slab on which cut latinyankoy sidorivskogo history of the castle.
The castle briefly served as its primary defensive function. In 1672 Podillya rolled Turkish invasion, did not pass and the Rock Kalinowski. The castle was badly damaged, and in a state of ruin he was destined to remain until 1718, while Kalinowski not take up the reconstruction of buildings. But the development of artillery fired from the castle towers wonderful target, and live in educating XVIII century in the humid and cramped apartments of the castle was no longer fashionable ... So lock was void, and already in the nineteenth century finally turned into a beautiful ruin.
Tse place is beautiful and at the moment. In the castle courtyard pastoral grazing horses, which frightened to turn into occasional guests of the former outpost. Near the crater in the ground, which designates the location of the Turks destroyed the tower, rising high pine - as if the adjacent pine forest has sent a scout ...
Vlasniki village Kalinowski called into Sidorov Dominican monks observantiv. The mention of those times was a temple with two towers (1730). Initial plan for this facility has developed a talented architect Jan where Witt, Kam'yanetskoy commandant of the fortress.
According to experts, sidorivsky church has some features in the planning. But perhaps the tourist will be hard to understand that such an unusual narrow presbytery (the main part of the Throne of the temple) and acute-apse (speech at the altar section). The fact that the Dominican church mimics the shape of the emblem "Kalynova" - in honor Kalinowski: Martin, kam'yanetskogo Castellan and his son Louis, Vinnitsa elder. In an ambitious magnates idea to build a structure that would be like an arrow on the bow with two stars. Therefore altarpiece part temple Similar arrowheads arrows, presbytery with triangular grotto in end face - to pommel, but two belfries construction provided in plan stellate species.
Currently, the front door closed, but through a side chapel you can go to church and see the remains of a wooden altar and a pulpit, the skeleton of an old toothless body stripped of all the pipes, the main altar of ...
And that treasure hunters - do not disturb long-term dream facility? Ghosts do not wander half ruined house of a Catholic priest and a football field near the temple? Because the ground for legends and buvalschin here favorable: in a cave church were the remains of those who once prayed in these walls. Whose are neatly compiled in a beer skulls and skeletons? There are no coffins, nor some household items. Maybe it robbed the graves? A flock of local girls aged 6-8 years, a little surprised, but in general, absolutely calm looking at with us savage "inhabitants" of the Roman Catholic underground. Apparently, these visits are among the local kids do not wonder.
Crypt giant
But beyond the grave issue in Sidorov not limited Kostelnaya beer. Inquisitive tourists expect another highlight of the past - crypt Paygertiv the village cemetery.
Kalinowski long owned Sidorov, passing to his children and granddaughters inherit. In late XVIII century Sidorov passed hands, azh finally in beginning XIX century its owners steel Paygerti. Over family translation, barons occurred from Courland gentry. Owner Sidorova Jozef Kalasanty Paygert (1799-1871 years) was a poet and artist. He was visited in sidorivskomu estate educator and scientist James Golovatsky.
Paygerti found only ruins of the castle Kalinowski. But I had somewhere to live. And 200 years after the briefs in the village castle, in 1840, in the middle of a large garden grow a new yard. Today is not preserved not only antique furniture, luxurious hardwood flooring, furnace of colored tiles, a library of several thousand volumes, a greenhouse and a fountain. Not survived last war and himself palace ...
... Eternal resting place of the family Paygertiv luckier. Around grobivtsya much grandstanding crypts and graves decorated with sculptures, but they all seem to be reduced in size when you look at this post-mortem house in classical style. In the summer the path to disposal overgrown bushes, spring and winter come to vault better.
... Sidorov, it seems, sleeps: empty streets and shops, deserted castle and church. I want to make this dream was interrupted by the restorers, tourists and historians. It is not every village can boast such a collection of ancient relics, even if it is located far away from the big tracks.
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