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Spring salad

Spring salad
... Hoca salad - it is only the name of a certain spring, garden plants, but so we can call a lot of dishes on pogranichchi (as would say art) of genres and styles.
As here:
Umochennuyu eight or nine hours two-color beans boil salt-free. Cool. Boiled eggs Kornai circles. And now a little listen carefully: it all pour oil from frying fish (with crackers). Can you imagine? So somewhere close to this is added to fish! And all this can be strengthened crushed garlic, green peas, lemon and Zelenin.
Cooked lentils fried green cover Tsibulko and, most importantly, Parsley or Pasternak and basil. Once in Galicia lentils are widely used. Now it's almost exotic. But you can replace it with a shallow kvasolkoy. You can add as to treatment, pokrayany tomato. These experimenters rather than add tomato fried courgettes (or zucchini). And in Vienna and Prague restaurants that role perform fried avocado.
But what is not salad?
300 grams sliced mushrooms, half a cup of cooked rice. Add salt and pepper. Writing a little mayonnaise. The food can be endlessly to impose all sorts of spring wheat.
Існує another style salads, very familiar to many not only in Galicia.
Lubricates the bottom of the dish with mayonnaise. Then lay out ... nakrayanimi separately cooked meatballs. It can also be cooked on any kind of ground beef sliced cutlets. So add to the straw cup shredded cooked carrots, then grated boiled beet. Salt and lubricates the tomato paste (or ketchup ready), and again, mayonnaise and Zelenin ...
Spring - it is primarily something new, legenkoe and green. Let's wait butterbur and nettles, and there - and quinoa, and spinach ...
Young nettles, which only broke through last year's leaves, collect as collecting rose petals or the most expensive tea. This lesson is very touching and worth so as not to spoil the mood of the spring, wear rubber gloves. Splash brought home nettles boiling water and wring out the water gently from the green mass. Sechem finely. This is the basis of any next song. Classic - a boiled egg and a small green onions. A little salt. Some people add nuts.
Possible alternative: mixed with bait, and, adding egg yolks, vyzharit as burgers (meat balls or chops). Then, crumble it, you can add sour cream or mayonnaise. But very little, to no zipsuti delicate taste. This framework can be used as one of the layers of the "coat" that this would get interesting dark color. Instead of decoys may grated crumbs.
Approximately the same technology with a young spinach or sorrel.
The very first green shoots butterbur used in a salad, only fresh, well washed and finely chopped. For flavor you can add a little vinegar. Preferably, the vine, even if the apple. In a word, whether what Zelenin decorate food and bring hope for a quick spring.
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